My name is Roland, in the ham radio one calls me “ Ron „.
I was born in the year 1940 and became already with 15 years radio amateur. In the year 1955 I acquired my first callsign  DM 0801/K as a short wave listener. In 1958 I took the check for my first transmission license and transmitted under the callsign DM3KEK from the amateur radio club station in the electricaappliance factory Zella Mehlis / Thuringia.
Since this time I (with interruptions) took under different callsigns and from different locations actively at world-wide ham radio traffic part: Y51XE, Y22RE and DL4BRE from Strausberg near Berlin. See also (in German) . . .
Since 1995 am I with the callsign DL4ME (delta lima four mike echo) in the air. 
I live with my family in Geraberg, a small place in the center of Germany in the Land of the Federal Republic Thuringia. You receive more information about my homeland here . 
I am member of the union of German radio amateurs, the DARC e.V. My local federation is the OV X30 in Ilmenau.
My special preference applies to the morsetelegrafie (CW), the oldest method of the electrical information transfer. By means of Morse code I could already transact connections with radio amateurs out over 300 „amateur radio countries“.
I also like doing contests and DXing.
I‚m member of the Radio Telegraphy High Speed Club (HSC).